Transgender Child Essay

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Imagine walking up every day feeling like you’re living inside the wrong body, feeling trapped and depressed. Every day at least one transgender child wakes up feeling this way. Everyone has a gender. Whether you are born male or female, gender is something that affects us in our everyday life. We are constantly judged on how we act, feel, think and look, but what is the actual definition of gender? According to Oxford Dictionaries, “Gender is the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones). (OD)
In today’s society gender is based off the physical and genetic sexuality one is at birth. While most children identify with the gender they physically appear as, there
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In his suicide note Tyler expressed how alone he felt in the world and how he felt he was unloved by his parents. He also stated that his father refused to talk to him and had his younger brother and mother isolate him as well. We can clearly see how not allowing a child to express their true identity can cause mental and sometime fatal damage to our youth, and yet we as a society cannot accept the fact that our youth is able to understand who they really are.
Not every story about transgender youth ends in tragedy, there are inspirational stories about youth who are accepted by their family, friends and their community. They are able to thrive and transition into the amazing young men/women they are destined to be. Some have even written books talking about the transitioning of a transgender person and the fears they have while transitioning into who they really

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