Gender Socialization And Women

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One of the sociological causes for men’s violence in our society is the outcome of the difference in process of socialization between girls and boys . The socialization process can be explained by order theory, since order theory indicates what kind of values socialization puts upon girls and boys. The way boys and girls are being raised differently from the very first moment we’re born. Girls are supposed to wear pink outfits indicating their femineity, and boys are usually dressed up in blue or green color. The games that boys usually play convey values such as strength, competition, courage. On the other hand, the games that girls play are more about role taking, expressing emotions, and cooperation. Socialization reproduces inequality …show more content…
As emotions build up throughout the men’s life due to different types of struggles men have to face, eventually men release their accumulated emotions in form of violence. The sociological solution to this problem is to transform the process of socialization, and make the values it conveys more uniform for girls and boys. Instead of introducing them to different values that further on intensify, socialization should teach and allow both girls and boys to express emotions by for instance engaging in games that require role playing, acting out scenes etc. The next social factor accounting for male’s violence is the social construction of gender that makes women subordinate to men. There are multiple inequalities between men and women in terms of power and resources that can be explained with feminist theory. Feminist theory focuses on the difference in experience between women and men caused by unequal access to resource, power, and gender discrimination. For example, unequal wages between women and men, even in case of occupying the same position. Since men are usually the one who have greater wages, they’re more financially responsible for family, and women are more dependent …show more content…
Another example is the fact the women have less access to job positions in contrary to men, and women are also being discriminated from certain job positions. This is another example of how social construction of gender leads to superiority of men over women. In order to solve this problem, it is very important to challenge the social construction of gender and gender discrimination. There is several different actions that can be taken in order to change the social construction of gender, but the two most important in my belief are equalizing wages between men and women, and providing equal access to job position for men and women. Equal wages for men and women would make women less financially dependent on men, and therefore it would take away some power from men. Also, women would be less afraid to leave a men who uses violence towards them, since they would be able to take care of themselves. Allowing equal access to job positions for men and women would allow some women to occupy more powerful position, such as for instance position in politics. Equal access to job positions would equalize the power between men and women, and it would enhance getting rid of the stigma that only men can hold power in their

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