Gender Inequality In The Wringer

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One of the worst forms of social inequity that girls deal with, is gender inequality. Another example of social inequity found in the Wringer, by Jerry Spinelli, is when the boys that Palmer has befriended, Beans, Mutto, and Henry, bully and tease a girl just because she’s a girl. This is an example of social inequity because it’s not fair to bully someone just because of their gender. On page 104, Beans takes a muskrat that his cat brought him, nuked it, and pinned it to Dorothy’s door. he then rang the bell and ran away. He waited to hear the horrified shriek of her mother when she answered the door and fell to the ground laughing. Jerry Spinelli is trying to show the reader how social inequity affects people. Palmer felt trapped he …show more content…
Forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do just because it’s popular is cruel. Todays girls have this image that they have to fit: skinny, tall, drop-dead gorgeous, acne-free, with long hair. Although, not all girls look like this. A young girl named Jetta Fosberg was getting a haircut when she decided to get it a little shorter than usual and ended up donating 14 inches of her hair to the “Wigs for Kids” foundation. Jetta wore her hair back to school as a cute pixie cut, not expecting the attention she received. Jetta was harassed with snobby remarks and everyone laughing at her. They called her ugly and said she looked like a boy just because she has short hair. When Mrs. Fosberg told the principal about how her daughter has been being ridiculed because the length of her hair, he simply didn’t care. The principal told her that, “I don’t know of any child that had ever died of words, you need to toughen up and deal with it.” If someone is being bullied at your school and you’re the principal, you could at least make an effort to talk to that person and help them through what their going through. Girls can wear the hair short and guys can wear their hair long if they really want to, and there’s

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