Gender Inequality In The 1960s

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The 1960s was a decade of rapid transformation in America as women collectively joined together to fight and end gender inequality. The campaign to end discrimination based on sex focussed on enhancing a woman’s position in society and sought to ensure that women were no longer denied basic human rights because of their sex. The National Organization for Women (NOW) was established at the annual conference of the State Commissions on Status of Women in 1966 and hoped to provide women with more opportunities. The Statement of Purpose was an ambitious document written by the founders of NOW, it outlined the organization’s goals for creating a more gender equal society and illustrated how the mistreatment of women was restricting their personal …show more content…
NOW argued that is was necessary for political, economic and social change to come to the American lifestyle to ensure that women were seen as complete equals to men instead of being seen as inferior. NOW argued that women should have the opportunity to pursue higher education and a successful career that brought them happiness and should not be forced to play a certain role out of obligation. The document was written in 1966 shortly after the Civil Rights Movement occurred and the main contributor was Betty Friedan. Friedan wrote the document because even though there were laws entrenched in the Civil Rights Act that prohibited discrimination based on sex, society had not responded in favour of the act. Friedan wrote that, “many employers did not grant women training, job promotion and equal pay for equal work.” Many employers continued to overlook a women’s potential because of her sex and this resulted in fewer workingwomen, discrimination in the workplace and a significant wage difference between men and …show more content…
NOW’s Statement of Purpose served as a template outlining the goals and solutions of a group that spoke on behalf of women so that they had a voice. The Statement of Purpose was an ambitious document and used powerful language that illustrated the organization’s commitment to fighting gender inequality and demonstrated NOW’s desire to take immediate action. The statement outlined solutions and the content emphasizes the need for an equal partnership in order for equality to be achieved and recognized in society. NOW aspired to the social image of women wanting to move beyond the dream image of a beautiful, happy housewife concerned only for her family and home to liberated woman who had opportunities in life. America sought future greatness and NOW believed that this greatness was achieved when men and women were seen as equals giving the nation additional strength and

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