Essay about Gender Inequality And Gender Equality

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As a Hispanic woman who seeks to achieve a successful professional career, the gender inequality gap not only discourages me, but also helps me understand and challenge gender roles in American society. According to Henslin (2015) the gender pay gap has been a challenge that women have to face since the Industrial Revolution. Women from all education levels, from those with less than a high school diploma to those with doctoral degrees experience the gender pay gap. In the same way, the difficulty of this issue is rooted in today’s culture. The gender role of men historically is to provide substantial income to the family, and the role of women is to take care of the children and the household. Although these norms have been shaped by other essential events such as the Women’s Rights movement, today there is still an important gap between what women and men earn regardless of their educational background. This phenomenon becomes a difficult cycle to break because it is also a cause of many other crucial issues in our society. Due to the persistent and limiting gender stereotypes that society withholds for many working individuals, which perpetuates gender inequality and discrimination, the gender pay gap yields other detrimental consequences. One of the most important problems is the educational damage. In accordance with Wagner’s (2015) article, the pay gap causes women to pursue certain careers and educational pathways that are not well paid because they do not believe…

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