Gender In A Marching Band Analysis

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I recently got to sit down and talk with my two siblings, Oliver Cartagena and Sandy Cartagena.
A little while back they both had a conversation on what they were both were going to perform, Oliver had said that he thought it was “weird” for a girl to be in band. This ended up causing some tension between both siblings. Then they realized that many people who are not in band had certain stereotypes with the way band kids are looked at.

Personally this puzzled me. I wondered, why would he say that? Why would he think like that? What influenced him to say something like that? More questions came to mind, but those were the main questions that came into first. I wanted to know what was going on in his mind and why in his opinions he felt that way. I also wanted to get opinion of Sandy because she is a girl who is in the band. Plus it would have been good to see the perspective of someone who would be affected in such comment or feel like they have been horribly stereotyped.
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She also explains that some of the leadership positions such as, section leader, drum major, band president, etc., are all positions that are taking by the boys in the marching band. The girls usually got jobs that consisted of being part of the band costume department, cleaning instruments, food and lunch preparation, and jobs that were mostly considered “girly”. Also she pointed out that brass instruments were more masculine, because they sounded deeper and the instruments were usually big and sometimes heavy. The woodwind instruments were more for feminine, because they sounded higher and the instruments were lighter with small holes for the girls (because girls have small

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