Gender, Gender And Race Segregated Essay

719 Words Oct 6th, 2014 3 Pages
DeFrancisco and Palczewski (2014) write that occupations are gendered/sexed privileged, meaning that occupations are sex and race segregated (p.191). Decades ago, many thought being a police officer was a job for a white male, for society, at the time, thought that women were incapable of being an officer and at the same time, no one could imagine a female being an officer. Now women are starting to challenge the norm, the norm that officers were generally male, for now there are many women who are established officers, females who are also climbing the ranks, and up to the highest position of an officer; there has been a female chief of police in San Francisco recently. I will also face being in a race segregated occupation, because an Asian male and going into law enforcement, in my eyes, is rare. Many officers I see working are usually Caucasian males, and now more females, which reinforced the idea, for me, that an Asian male being in law enforcement is rare and doesn’t seem normal or right. I have this feeling, I will be receiving some negative comments about my race once I enter the field, for people, whether they be my peers or strangers I encounter on the streets, will ask why am I a cop, shouldn’t I be a scientist or doctor. Some of the worst harassment pertaining to gender and sex in the workplace is, in my opinion, women who are involved in politics, for they are under the most scrutiny and plastered all over media outlets. For instance, if one were to read an…

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