Essay about Gender, Gender And Gender Inequality

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Genders in WALL-E While watching movies or even reading books we tend to associate characters with certain genders depending on how they look, act, and how they are perceived. We tend to do this because it isn’t “normal” for characters to just not have a gender. Imagining a person or character without a gender is almost unfathomable. The concept of no gender is unrealistic and unattainable in the public domain, because factors such as characteristics, personalities, and jobs automatically create a gender. Kate Bornstein discusses the concepts “no gender is all genders” and “gender-as-neither”. These two concepts will generally baffle the typical human depending on their beliefs on genders. This isn’t a concept that humans are capable of being comfortable with because humans are raised with knowledge that there are differences in genders. These two concepts claim that one can be neither male nor female. Humans don’t like not being able to grasp concepts and are incapable of rewiring their brain to cut the idea of genders out completely. It just doesn’t make sense. It would be like being taught what each of the colors are and then having to be told that red is actually orange or that colors don’t even exist. The idea of this being true is quite discomforting because it shatters all beliefs on the topic and will ultimately make one question many other aspects in life.
WALL-E is a movie about two robots with completely different tasks in life. WALL-E is the name of one of the…

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