Gender Gap And Gender Inequality Essay

1110 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
Women are seen at the top of their class in schools/colleges and continue to make up the majority of students in medical schools as well as in graduate health administration programs. Yet, there is an alarming and crucial gender gap that continues to exist in today’s health care system. The major struggle that successful working women face today lies in the misalignment of our current work culture and the values of the workforce. In addition to contributing to work–life integration conflicts, this disconnect essentially forms the gender leadership gap. Not only does the lack of women at the highest ranks of academic medicine send a clear message to women that they must choose between career advancement and their personal life, but this also represents a loss of talent for academic health centers as they fail to recruit and retain the brightest individuals. In order to effectively close the gender leadership gap and meet the needs of the next generation of physicians, scientists, and educators, it is immensely important to change the underlying structures that reinforce gender inequality in the culture of academic medicine as well as provide women with the tools needed in order to advance within the existing structures in the workforce.
Our initial step as a society should be recognize that flexibility and work-life integration are core parts of the definition of success. Healthcare fields need to incorporate flexible policies (such as clock extensions, parental leaves,…

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