Essay about Gender Bias And Stereotyping Discrimination

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It is now the twenty first century, and although we have come a long way in the past twenty years in relation to gender bias and stereotyping it is still a major issue in our schools. Children are being pressured by our society from a very young age to step into their ‘correct’ gender role. These pressures then follow them into their schooling, as many teachers are still trying to reinforce and encourage these ‘correct’ gender roles, which then becomes apparent in the way that the teacher’s chose to implement the curriculum in their classroom’s. Even without realizing teachers can still be reinforcing these stereotypes through their ‘hidden’ curriculum (National Union of Teachers. 2013 p.3) describes stereotypes as being invidious things that cause not only discrimination, but also prejudice and put limitations on people’s lives. Consumer culture directly relates to the issue of gender stereotyping, by reinforcing these ‘correct’ genders. Marketing and advertising campaigns are constantly advertising different ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ toys. A toy aisle in a shopping centre can be described by (Carrington, V. 2003 p.83) as being a place where feminism and gender studies have not existed, a time warp.
This essay will further discuss gender stereotyping and consumer culture in our educational systems, the effect this is having on students, and strategies that teachers can use to help break these stereotypes.

From the moment we are born, society starts to mould us to fit into our…

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