Importance Of Sociological Imagination

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Nowadays modern information is not only data what people need, it can be a method to interact with the society. In this Age of Fact, people’s attention is dominated by information. Mill stated that “what people need, and what they feel they need is a quality of mind that will help them to use information in order to achieve lucid summations of what is going on in the world, and what may be happening within themselves”(Mills,page2). If people try to understand and know the current events, it would be beneficial for them. Sociological imagination helps the people to understand other’s own problem and interpret it socially.
The sociological imagination is a sociological term used by C. Wright Mills. Sociological imagination is the ability to see
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If this imagination accrues, it will become a part of history which can change the society. For example, if a person who lost a job felt frustrated and committed a suicide, his private matter will cause the issue in public society. The sociological imagination is useful because it will cause the individuals’ personal problems will be turned as social matters that society wants to take care of. The personal problems will be focused as a social issue rather than indifferent and unknown personal life experience. People now want to know what is happening in this world and understand what is happening in themselves because of the concepts of sociological imagination. The sociological imagination is interpreted differently in ‘the personal troubles of milieu’ and ‘the public issues of social structure’. Mills stated that “A trouble is a private matter. It happens in the character of the individual. Also, it has limited areas of social life that they have to do with one’s self with …show more content…
I have been scorned by other races for me being a “Yellow” Asian. I felt very offended whenever Caucasians or African Americans made fun of my small eyes, small height, small feet, hand and skin color. It was my personal issue that I had to deal with and to try to understand why they are blaming on me. I shared my experiences with my dearest friends and my personal issue has become social matter that my friends and I got belonged to. My friends, as known as, my social members started talking about my personal issue and trying to enlighten other Americans about Asians. C.W. Millis’ sociological imagination happened in my life. It was great to see how my problem affected my friends’ social opinion on racism and caused the other people’s view on

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