Culture Shock And Sociological Imagination

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1. The sociological perspective is a way of viewing and approaching a particular phenomena occurring between individuals and the structures of the society in which they live. It includes three methods, or practices, of approach: beginner’s mind, culture shock, and sociological imagination. The similarity that these three methods have, are that each involve opening our minds to new ways of viewing the world and the processes through which we conduct our daily lives. Beginner’s mind is a method of approaching the world through the absence of preconceptions. Bernard McGrane suggested that in order to learn new things, one’s mind must be cleared of any beliefs and/or expectations before allowing a paradigm shift to occur. Culture shock is the feeling of disorientation after being subjected to an unfamiliar or unrecognizable situation or …show more content…
In order to experience another view of life, we must create a situation in which we are completely unfamiliar with the territory to truly perceive what it is that we are seeing. The sociological imagination is a method of understanding how personal situations are affected or influenced by larger social processes. It is how we can interpret and [re]discover new or different ways of experiencing life by using macro and micro level forces.

2. The Industrial Revolution and the French and American Revolutions were a major turning point in world history. Sociologists such as Karl Marx, Émile Durkheim, and Max Weber took a stand and attempted to spread the ideas of social order, social change, and social inequality. Émile Durkheim was the founder of functionalist theory, a theory based on how social institutions shape society as a

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