Gender As A Chinese Woman Essay

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Gender is always a controversial topic when anthropologists and sociologists talk about inequality. For most of the female immigrants, who came to the United States pursuing American Dreams and brighter future for their family, the first but not last challenge they needed to overcome may be gender conflicts while integrating into a society. Yinyi Zhong, a 41 years old Chinese woman who immigrated to California with her family in 2012, challenged the gender role of traditional Chinese value but faced the dilemma of balancing her social identity between a Chinese and an American. Her experience as a Chinese immigrant woman in the United States demonstrated Takaki’s concept of twice a minority and the transition of challenging her gender role, which could be better understood through the analysis of Turner’s concept of the three phases, which was separation, liminality, and aggregation of ritual process.
For most of the Chinese, family was the most paramount part of their life and they put family before self. Being a traditional Chinese woman who was raised under the social norm of tradition idiom that “a woman 's virtue is to have no talent”, Yinyi’s most adept skill was knowing how to keep loyal and taking good care of her husband and daughter. Since ancient times to modern day, the core of the life for Chinese women was the obligation to prioritize the family before themselves. (Cheung, 2014: 66) Besides the fact that she wanted to respect her husband’s decision, Yinyi…

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