Intersectionality Essay

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Wade and Ferree describe intersectionality as “ gender is not an isolated social fact about us, but instead intersects with our other identities” (2015: 84). Intersectionality, quite literally, observes the intersections within individuals’ identities; what people encounter is based upon their race, gender, sexual orientation, and more. On the other hand, Wade and Ferree define gender strategy as “finding a way of doing gender that works for us as unique individuals who are also shaped by other parts of our identity and the realities of our lives” (85). These issues go together, as seen in how Asian men and women break from stereotypes. Because of the hardships Asian citizens encountered in the United States in the 19th century ― taking traditionally …show more content…
Enabling girls to perform femininity is fine, but what is defined as feminine is dependant by race. White girls can be girly-girls without judgement because, as McIntosh mentioned, white individuals are the ideal race. For African American girls, however, assuming that girly-girl image may help them blend in, but they may also see themselves as selling out (Wade and Ferree 2015:93). Asian American girls can take on the girly-girl image too, though they will still have a docile assumption attached to them. Through intersectionality, one can acknowledge that performing a gender strategy that works for oneself is okay, but gender strategies vary across races. If society does not acknowledge that every race and gender experiences circumstances differently, progress cannot be made, or at least in limited quantities. In the case of the latter, observe the Women’s Suffrage Movement in the United States. While it called for voting rights for women, it was both pioneered by and aimed toward white women. Voting rights for women are great, but the movement left out several other women: black women, Asian women, Hispanic women, and so on. The full scope of a problem and its solution has to be viewed through an intersectional lens. It makes these issues more complicated, yes, but it allows a society to be content while providing for

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