Gender And Race And Gender Essay

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Gender and Race; how oppression comes in all shapes and sizes.

While both face oppression – gender and race are perceived as two distinctly different social castes. Sally Haslager states, “The key point for us is that oppression comes in different forms, and even if one is privileged in one dimensions (e.g. in income or respect), one might be oppressed in others” (140, Haslanger). Haslager makes a distinct claim here: there is a pecking order to oppression and that some people face more cruelty than others. This is undoubtedly true; people can and often are privileged in some ways while simultaneously oppressed in others. Physical differences in race and gender are impossible to ignore to the naked eye, but what significance do differences in physically appearance hold? Why is there an apparent need to distinguish race and sex?
Society’s general perspectives are what establish the differences between races and genders. Most people would say the differences between races are skin colour, and the differences between genders are seen in physical proportions. These are the practical observable structures of race and gender, and provide a baseline of justification to how they are applied to the privilege and oppression paradigms.
Perhaps the most sinister yet powerful observation of the usage of race and gender as means of classification is to either openly or discretely oppress like-groups. Examples are many; “people of color” is a term used to separate Caucasians from…

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