Gen Y Advertising Essay

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The target market of Generation Y is not easy to reach in method or message. “This group is technologically, socially and environmentally different from older generations” (Olson, 2007). Messages have to appeal to them at multiple levels invoking them to want to know more about the brands and prompting them to engage in online research and peer input to solidify their thoughts and opinions. A unique blend of media vehicles – both traditional and alternative – must be utilized to reach the targeted audience through the clutter to optimize engagement. This brief will discuss the appropriate appeals, message themes and media vehicles necessary to reach Gen Y and propel the Chevrolet brand above its competitors.

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Music has moved beyond tuning into your favorite radio station, has become thoroughly integrated into the lives of Gen Y and therefore will compliment the main appeals of humor and emotion. This generation is all about self-expression and music is the most related outlet for them to express who they are and what they need (Stellin, 2006). Today Gen Y sees television shows and movies as less relatable, so music is an outlet they are very passionate about (Stellin, 2006). The choice of music is paramount and will need to be hip, go with the humorous/emotional tone and cause the consumer to want to watch the engagement. A familiar song will be used so that brand recognition can be build between Chevrolet and this song whenever it may be heard.

Message Themes
The market for fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly and technologically advances vehicles is growing. To attract Gen Y buyers, Chevrolet needs to focus on (Archer): * Financing deals to give younger buyers a better chance of driving off in a new car * Ability to customize the vehicle to buyers individual tastes * Highlighting the distinct look of their vehicle line up * Technology features * Fuel efficiency for cost savings

There will be three major advertising message themes to pique Generations Y interest in the Chevrolet brand through the integrated marketing

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