Gatorade Sports Science Institute And For A Three Part Summary

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The purpose of this paper and assignment was to read over three different podcast’s that were created by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute and for a three part summary of each podcast topic. These topics included, protein basics, protein use during exercise and protein for recovery. Along with the three summarized paragraphs of each topic, a concessionary paragraph was included to summarize the learnings of all three topics.
Protein Basics
In the introductory discussion upon the basics of protein, the debunking of the notion that excess protein can be unhealthy for a person, leading to kidney and liver damage, has occurred. Dr. Marty Gimbal (n.d), states that, in regard to a healthy individual, excess protein will not harm the kidneys nor the liver. This myth was derived from the fact that once protein is metabolized into amino acids, the by-product is an ammonia group called urea. This toxin must be removed via the filtration system of the kidneys and liver. However, the fact that excess protein may not be harmful to an individual does not mean a surplus will be beneficial. As stated, depending on a persons activity levels, protein requirements are typically easy to obtain with normal food intake, more so than typically perceived by athletes and strength training enthusiast. Dr. Gimbal (n.d), explained that, even a 200 lb. athlete is only required to consume 150 grams of protein, which is very obtainable through food intake alone. With protein only contributing to…

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