Street People Assignment

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Visual research”

When we worked on photography history Garry Winogrand was one of the photographers that inspired me with my “Street People” assignment. My work is nothing like his but the free expression that I found in his work even though underneath some of his work you can see the different expressins in people this made me relise that you can express anything within a photo.

Simon Garnier said: “I was too timid to get close to strangers to get intimate with them and tell their personal story. Over time I started to build the nerve to get closer to my subjects and to not only frame them better, but also talk and interact with them.”

Reading Simon Garniers quote during my research gave me courage although it was very difficult,
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Working through this cemester work I realised that leaning, looking and doing research on other artists is inspiring but you have to express yourself in your own work. Critic from other people doesn’t always feel good but it is healthy with the development in your work. Most artist hides away behind there work, never to express themselves as individuals. The infulence that Jeffrey’s work has on me is the freedom and colour.

I made a list of questions:

Q -How would I approach this theme for “Street People”?

A - I did research where to find street musicians in Johannesburg ( taking in concideration the danger walking around in the streets of JHB ) I norrowed my list down to 10 places where I could go to be safe.

Q - What would influeance me the most?

A - The work that I followed of photograpers like Garry Winogrand. Jeff Rikhotso a well known South African street photographer.

Q - How would my photography relate to other photographers?

A - I have to connect my work to other photographers. ( I wasn’t sure how) I have to work with the emotion and make a connection and to understand and feel comfortable in my own

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