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Introduction 2 1. Marketing objectives of the research 2 2. Information require to fulfil the marketing objectives 3 3. Considerations in the Research Process 7 3.1 The Research Approach and Methodology 8 3.2 Questionnaire Design 8 3.3 Customer Target and Sample 9 3.4 Data Collection Approach and Response Rates 10 3.5 Data Processing 10 Conclusion 11 Appendix 12 References 15

The hotel industry is one of the most prolific industries in Australia due to its presence in society and, the impact it has on the nation’s economy. Advances in technology since the end of the 20th Century have allowed the service market of a hotel to develop rapidly (Hilton Melbourne South Wharf
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The research must focus on the main target of Hilton Hotel and the research output need to be interpreted well in order to drive change in the hotel. The gap analysis has to cover some of these aspects to give us an understanding of:
a) The areas of hotel service that the guests believe are crucial in making their stay satisfying. b) The performance of Hilton in each area.
c) The performance of competitors in each area.

Such information might be illustrated after research is complete, on a service gap chart, as follows:

This sample data bases on customer review by 260 business person at Hilton Melbourne South Wharf (Hilton Melbourne South Wharf 2012). If it’s accurate, then some great insight into areas of improvement and priority could be provided. * Hilton Hotel meets the level of guest expectation in accessibility. * Lower performance than competitors and does not meet the guest expectation in business facilities. Some business person complains that they have to pay extra money for the internet although it is a luxury room (Hilton Melbourne South Wharf 2012).

By plotting these results in a SWOT chart below, the Hilton’s management can approach improvement with a view to value. The management has decided that areas with a HIGH guest importance, in which the hotel manages competing at a LOW or MID level, should be addressed first.

Food and beverage
Front Office

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