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She slowly turned toward me and smiled, overwhelming joy spread across her face as she replied, “Yes, this is my first pregnancy”. It had been a busy night in the ultrasound department and after three years of experience working as the solo technologist on the weekend midnight shift I had become all too familiar with the challenges of the healthcare field. As any medical professional can attest to, there are significant encounters we face that have the momentum to change your life, this is one of those moments.
My voice remained calm and my hands steady as I reassured her that this was a routine scan to assess the well-being of the baby. As I placed the gel on her abdomen, she smiled and began discussing her family and their plans for the
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While performing the last measurement of the fetal head, I noticed something unusual, there seemed to be a large area of abnormal brain tissue. My mind immediately recalled the abnormalities that I was trained to recognize and a rare anomaly came to mind. To confirm my suspicion, I added color flow to the image, my heart dropped as I noticed the bright pulsating blood flow, which verified my diagnosis, an arteriovenous malformation known as a Vein of Galen aneurysm. I exited the room to confer with the radiologist on my findings, she corroborated my diagnosis and the patient was sent to another facility for further care. For me, encounters such as this have inspired me to further my knowledge in medicine to become more involved in my patient’s healthcare journey. While I value my position as a sonographer in crucial situations, my place is limited in a patient’s diagnosis and …show more content…
After spending time shadowing PAs in various fields I have realized the significance of their role in health care. By observing the interactions between PAs and their patients I was amazed at their devotion, commitment and knowledge, drawing me more towards this career path. With my unique background in radiology as both an ultrasound technologist and a radiologic technologist, I have the understanding of the need for diagnostic imaging in healthcare. By shadowing PAs I was able to take my knowledge and expand on the process of how a patient’s symptoms and history calls for not only diagnostic imaging but many other examinations as well. Shadowing PAs only strengthened my desire to join the field, I knew I wanted to expand my scope of practice, to care for people beyond what my current career offers. I have been fortunate to have a PA as my health care provider and I have witnessed through the years her dedication to her patients and the respect she receives from other healthcare professionals. She has been a huge role model in my journey by inspiring me and the more I have learned about the profession the more I want to make an impact on the lives of people as a Physician Assistant.
Being a native of eastern Kentucky I have discovered the dire need for health care in rural areas. It is important to me

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