Future Writing Teacher Essay

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“You Can’t Write That Way:” Experiences of a Future Writing Teacher

My experience with writing has dominated my life and the decisions I have made. I love all expressive modes of writing, but the response one gets can differ greatly depending on the reader, therefore, I do not like getting feedback on writing. However, when I write for an implied audience that does not get to know my words, I feel like a speaker in a large auditorium, boldly proclaiming my truths to the cold, silent stone. This simultaneous desire for a reader and dread of a reader’s response creates an overall ambivalence towards writing– a love of creating and being an author, and a dread of receiving feedback and having a reader that is not amused by my words.
While there are many reasons I feel ambivalent towards writing, a couple of experiences I was a tender seven years old are particularly telling of my emotions. I was an avid writer in fourth grade because writing is a major source of entertainment to me. I would often forgo homework to carefully craft
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I think that creative writing and narrative should be an underlining current of composition, not an aberration that proves unpractical and misleading as teachers often leap from this ‘unimportant’ and ‘easy’ method of writing as a warm-up exercise for the ‘important’ stuff of essay writing. Even if creative writing and narrative as a discourse mode was completely omitted from the classroom, emphasizing the narrative construction of the essay mode would be useful, I think, and an interesting and useful theme to pursue. It would help students to understand who they are and what they could be in the future. Ideally, students would be able to read in a variety of expressive modes (not just essays) and to write well in

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