Essay Funding Schools And Higher Education

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Funding Schools and Higher Education

Ever since currency came into the world there has always been situations or discussions about how to pay things that are needed in this country, and one of those things is funding schools. Funding schools is not a new issue that has just surface this year, we have always had this problem for some time now. Schools look for revenues to keep their schools afloat whether from the state or the government. Every year there are many solutions like raise taxes/ take more taxes have cutbacks etc., but those solutions don’t always work out for the best. Now as our country are looking for a new president, the 2016 candidates are face with the same issue as we look to them to fix it. As a college student it seems that no matter what anyone does we will still have the same issue as years to come and then last person that it impacts is me and future students to come. One major thing is who pays for the schools and the higher education and what does it take to have the proper funding? The states that the schools and the higher education are located usually pay for the funding, the federal government only gives the state money and it’s up to the state to divide it correctly. How the state decides on how much schools should get depends on each states Department of Education and the local school districts to help make sure the school meets the guidelines that has been set by the federal government. It seem that funding schools is a very stressful and…

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