Functions Of A Parent Family Essay examples

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to function as a family in our society. For many families, a single parent home leaves the parent out of the house, working sometimes two jobs, for long periods of time in the day. This in turn translates into exhaustion of the adults that may maybe inhibit them from cognitively being able to help with or even inquire about their child’s progress in school academically or socially. This is especially the case in single parent homes. Although it seems likely that this issue directly correlates with income level, it in no way excuses the important part a parent or parents play in interactions academically or socially. It is especially important that parents, regardless of income level or education level, begin involvement with their kids’ education. Schools and teachers understand the barriers of income level and home environment can ultimately have the biggest influence on a child’s academic performance. According to Rowan-Kenyon, H. T., Bell, A. D., & Perna, L. W. (2008), “If the ultimate goal is having students continue their education beyond high school, school staff must leave behind their preconceptions about what parents should be doing and try new approaches to getting parents involved.” Educators must understand that children are faced with adversities and have to design techniques to meet the needs of all students regardless of their home influence. Sometimes students have more support at school than they do at home and with this educator help shape children into…

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