Negative Effects Of Single Parent Families

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Family structures today are different than thirty years ago. Today, twenty million kids live in a home with one parent. In the article Positive Effects of Single Parent Families, it states, “Spending quality one on one time with your kids allows you to develop a unique bond that may actually be stronger than it would have been if you weren’t a single parent.” Therefore, parents can develop stronger relationships with their children when they are single and are not stressed about their significant other. Even though some believe divorce can cause children and families happier, families should consider thinking twice before divorcing because parents will have financial instability and children will have psychological problems. Wolf, Jennifer. …show more content…
There’s a countless amount children do not have parents, a little live with grandparents or a different type of relative. Remember, a considerable amount of times single parent families are crucial to maintain with a single income rather than double. With these problems also comes other mental problems, so children and adults can attend conferences professional advice. Every child reacts differently to the change, few could be relieved and be stress-free but be confused or disappointed. In his article, James Roland states that “Psychologically, children dealing with stress and uncertainty, struggle in different aspects of their lives.” Therefore, when a child loses a parent figure in a dramatic way the child becomes psychologically unstable, they don’t know how to react; they change. Psychological Effects of a Single Parent Family. There are five different ways parents can develop strong bonds while going through divorce; experiencing community, shared responsibilities, handling conflict, and actual disappointment and witnessing real-life, balanced priorities. When developing strong bonds, children find that they’re gaining more attention. They play different roles, but most are unique. Experiencing the community, parents and their children are involved so they can draw away from their problems. Commonly, children learn to have bigger responsibilities and learn to care for …show more content…
Living with one parent instead of two can bring out a large amount of emotions in kids. The emotions are genuine or dreadful, it generates the child grow into an independent adult. Most adults split for the sake of money or one is too dependent on their job. Children occasionally are not prepared to be independent. When parents get a divorce the children feel they do not get enough time with each parent. Besides a paying job, parents are also responsible for food, care of the child, and school, and other activities. With only one parent around the house the children receive chores to get them involved around the house. Single parents have a sense of routine. Children need to receive more love and affection from each parent when since they are not together, such as cooking together. Divorce is problematic on children, nevertheless allow them a sense of responsibility. They become more independent which differs from a child with married parents, they have other characters to rely on. Realize children look at divorce differently than an adult, they are children. Divorce gets burdensome, but you should always spend time with your child no matter how rough times can get. Arrange time for the child feel at home, cause them to be comfortable, and allow them to understand the

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