Positive Effects Of Divorce

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Marriage was the first institution established by God in the book of Genesis. Marriage is seen as a covenant agreement, meaning that it must not be broken. Because God clearly states in the bible that divorce is a sin, Christians believe that it should be avoided at all costs. Christians often avoid divorce by being very patient and careful about marriage.
Divorce can lead to many problems in children, including emotional pain and suffering from missing a parent. It can also lead to learning problems due to the distractions of the divorce. Divorce can also lead to behavioral problems because of the need to lash out to receive attention from parents or authorities. “In the United States, researchers estimated that 40%-50% of all first marriages
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Behavioral problems are common because in many circumstances as a way to receive attention, children will lash out in school. This gets the attention that the child might feel like they need from parents, teachers, and other students. Since the child often feels that their parents are focused on other issues from the divorce, they believe that the only way they can win their mom or dad’s attention is by lashing …show more content…
Parents will often not discipline their child as they did in the past because they don’t want to get on their bad side. Parents feel guilty for disrupting the family dynamic by divorce, so they overcompensate with less discipline. By being the cool parent, they believe that it will make up for harming their child with the divorce.
Some will argue that divorce is beneficial for children, considering it gets them away from the unhealthy relationship between their parents. In some cases, this is true, but in the long run for a great number of divorces, it is best for the parents to try to work things out to stay together. When parents stay together, it is much easier to support their children. When parents divorce, it causes problems for the entire family. Divorce weakens the entire family in many ways. Children suffer and parents feel guilty for putting their children through it. Children often face emotional hurt, learning problems, and behavioral problems during and much after the divorce. If it is possible, it is much more beneficial for the entire family if the parents try to work out their problems to keep the family

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