Functional Analysis Screening Tool Summary

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Functional Analysis Screening Tool Summary I interviewed three different people using the FAST forms in terms of Matt’s off-task behavior of drawing and playing with toys. I interviewed his paraprofessional (Mrs. Cafini), speech and language pathologist (Mrs. Buko) and general education teacher (Mrs. Pontillo). All professionals work with Matt on the days he attends his part time kindergarten program (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I first met with the paraprofessional and she discussed what she was seeing throughout the entire day. She was seeing the off-task behavior throughout the day, most often when he was demanded to complete work. I next met with the speech and language pathologist. She has mentioned that she is not sure if Matt has a sense of time or specifically a sense of time on task. The last person I interviewed has Matt’s general education teacher. She mentioned that Michael’s off-task behavior occurs most often during academic time even though academically he is performing on grade level. Since Matt is new to the school all the staff has only been working with him for …show more content…
This tool has also helped me to see that Matt would benefit from breaks from academic task to ensure his sensory needs are met in order for him to continue with the classroom activities. Giving Matt a choice in his learning I feel will help him to have more preferred activities in the classroom which will in lieu increase his on-task behavior. The informants helped me to really think deeper about Matt’s target behavior in regards to his sensory needs. I am going to look into finding a specific time when the off-task behavior occurs most. I am also going to look into the academic material that Matt is given. Is it too easy or difficult for him? I also plan on looking at how often he needs a sensory

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