Essay on Fshoring And Globalization Of The American Jobs

1122 Words Mar 10th, 2016 null Page
“Think strategically about your future working life”. That is Behren’s and Rosen summation of a few highly respected economist and analyst advise about the offshoring and globalization of the American jobs that has decimated the middle working class of this country. Well and good and worth considering if one is in high school or about to decide what major to embark on.
However, for those who have already lost their jobs, homes and families due to offshoring or about to lose their job, wait a while because the powers that be and economist and analyst and all other supposed experts in employment and labor fields have not any solution for that just yet. In the meantime, go take your place in line at the unemployment office. While in line, try to think of how to keep your mortgage paid and all other loans under your name.
The smart people at the educational systems will tell you, go back to school and learn another skill and get a higher education. When you graduate, your chances are better in getting a higher and better paying job than what you have lost. That is also true and again is a good advice for those who are educationally inclined who still have few years under their belt and maybe spared from being age-discriminated in hiring process. Maybe student loans can pay all those mortgage and other loans while in re-training for a higher education. The other people not in this group, can find another job that has not been offshored yet and augment that with welfare and…

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