Friday Night Lights : Movie Analysis Essay

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The movie Friday Night Lights is based on the real life best seller Friday Night Lights: A Town, A Team, and a Dream, by author H.G. Bissinger. The movie’s setting takes place at Permian High School in Odessa, Texas in 1988 when the tension between races was still strong in a few regions of the south. There is some focus during segments of the film that has to do with racial tension and the ongoing conflict between the student body and the city as a whole. Even though desegregation had taken effect by the time the book was written and the film was produced the schools at times were still racially divided. The movie showed how this football program exploited their black athletes. Of interest was the filmmaker’s decision to spotlight two main football players who are black. Boobie Miles and Ivory Christian even though there are many other players, coaches and families, those characters are not as prominently featured as were Boobie and Ivory. The boys are as equally respected as their white equivalents on the football field, but the film goes on to illustrate how attitudes change when these two players walk off the gridiron. The movie touches on many controversial subjects such as, racism, hypocrisy, and failure within the school system. Whereas the book is interpreted as being extremely socially-oriented, and centered primarily on racial issues and educational priorities. Some scenes in the movie give the appearance of actually being filmed in the football stadium the…

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