The Battered Bastard Of Baseball Book Analysis

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Directed by Chapman and Maclain Way “The Battered Bastards of Baseball” tells the story of a diverse group of players from who found common ground in the love for America's greatest past time. Grown men traveled for days to get a chance to be part of what became much more than just a team, a brotherhood. The Portland Mavericks, a class “A” minor league team constructed by a former professional baseball player and actor, Bing Russell. Russell grew up playing the game under Lefty Gomez and Joe DiMaggio, eventually ended his career after getting hit in the head with a line drive. After realizing his baseball career was over he packed up and headed for Hollywood. Out of pure persistence and amazing work ethic, he applied himself as an actor working alongside John Wayne and Steve McQueen. Bing eventually found his way back to what he loved as a young boy, baseball. Through the Portland Mavericks Bing gave a second chance to many players that failed to make it in the majors. Many had fallen through the cracks of this new system and still had …show more content…
Many players on the team had a dream to play in the majors, but have to realign their perspective of what was truly important which was the feeling of just playing ball weather it was in front of a couple hundred fans or 100 thousand. The organization that the Mavericks ran broke the rules of baseball, from Bing appointing Lanny Moss to be the first woman general manager in baseball to Jim Swanson, who was a left handed catcher, which was extremely rare in baseball at the time. This documentary was nothing short of phenomenal and entertaining from start to finish. I can honestly say that I respect the game of baseball even more than I did prior to watching it. I would not hesitate one bit to recommend this movie to anyone, whether they have a love for the game of baseball or just love a good underdog

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