Personal Narrative: My Trip To Pleasanton, TX

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I arrived in Pleasanton, TX in the afternoon, seeing my parents after a year was so relieving. Of course the first thing Dad says is “I’m hungry and I want Mexican food”. So they took me to eat Mexican food at a little restaurant off of highway 281. Afterwards we ate fresh homemade ice-cream at the local dairy. Which eating Mexican and taking a trip to the local dairy with my parents was some of the things I did as a child. Childhood was the base of the happiness in my life. Having a loving family has been the best for my success.
Dad made banana French toast this morning. After breakfast my mom and I left the kids with dad and went garage selling. We have always enjoyed shopping together, it is our bonding time. We found books and some DVDs, it was an accomplished trip. We met my grandmother at Café Chris for lunch. I haven’t seen her in about a
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It takes all day because there is a lot of land. The land looks so beautiful after we are done and it’s time for a hard earned meal we ate country fried steak with mashed potatoes and green beans. Afterwards we played our family game of 10,000 and talked. Home is a wonderful place to be, it’s where I have been loved the most. Dad has always told me my home is your home. When I was about four years old my dad would drop a handful of coins on the porch before he would leave for work. He knew it would make me happy and feel rich. When he would come home from work he would always have candy in his pocket for me. Sea World is an all-time favorite place that we love to visit. We watched a ski show, fed the fish, viewed the sharks, dolphins, penguins, and played in the water park. Everyone had a fulfilled day and went home with a smile and sunburn. Making happy memories heal the soul. Sea World has been part of our family trips since I was a little girl. Going back years later and brings back happy memories that I will cherish

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