Essay on Free Writing : Super Bowl Sunday

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Free writing feb 7th. Super bowl Sunday. The fiftieth one. Don’t know if I spelled that right. Im working on an essay about the 99% or more precisely the 99.9% of Americans who are actually the minority when it comes to amount of money they possess. And is it just money or is it possibly influence as well? I mean if you have that sort of money does it even matter? I lost my train of thought there. I can’t believe its Sunday and I’m just now getting started on my second draft of this thing. I’ve been procrastinating all weekend. Yesterday we took our daughter, Callie, to see the discover the dinosaurs exhibit that was in Youngstown. It was a lot smaller than I expected. I don’t know. Maybe I thought it would be like a museum. My fince, Chelsea, had the same thought. I just don’t know. Don’t know. There’s a lot we don’t know. Like why does the universe exist. That’s something that puzzles me. Well not all the time but sometimes at night, I sit up till the latest hours and just watch docs on science stuff. Everything from the stars, the planets, our bodies, psychology, anything. I couldn’t think of any other of the top of my head. Oh wwII. I like history. I’ve recently started watching this YouTube channel, crash course, which in a small amount of time each episode, tells all kinds of interesting facts about many different topics. I like learning. Always have. That’s mostly why I went to college. I like to discover new things. I want my daughter to like to learn. She’s already…

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