Essay Free Speech Must Be Protected

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Imagine not being able to say what you want, everything censored and being punishments for stating your opinion. In America you have the freedom of speech so maybe it is something you are not worried about. There was a time in our history when speaking your mind could get you punished. Throughout time things have changed and people have fought to protect and increase the meaning of free speech. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) effectively argues that the Freedom of speech must be protected. With the strong use of ethos and pathos they were able to effectively persuade the audience into believing that they should be fighting for their freedom of speech. The American Civil Liberties Union’s article titled Free Speech Must Be Protected was extremely compelling. The way the article is set up was very effective in drawing in the audience. The ACLU starts off the article by stating and making clear the rights citizens are guaranteed by the first amendment. By stating the constitution in the first paragraph they helped clarify what is rights one has as well as giving readers an idea of what the argument is going to be about. Next, ACLU continues their argument on how speech should be protected by giving the readers some background information they might have not known about the topic. They start off the argument by talking about how the nation’s freedom of expression has been tested over the years. They mentioned how in times of stress the nation has attempted to…

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