Essay on Free College Is Not The Blessing

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Free College is Not the Blessing It Seems to Be
An Analysis of Why College Shouldn’t Be Free As Millennial’s we feel as though we’ve been cheated. It seems to a majority of us that the world is out to get us, and that all the odds are stacked against us. There are not enough middle class jobs, student loan debt is crushing us, the post 9/11 level of security has the country on lockdown, as well as a variety of other reasons. One of the issues that puts a damper on the spirit of our generation are the costs of college, a struggle of which we are all intimately familiar. Over the past few years there has been an increasing call for Free College, or college that is paid for by the government. There has been a million student March where students marched to protest tuition costs and stir up ideas of free college. There has even been a presidential candidate who has made free college a staple of his campaign. So with all of this uproar and cries for free tuition don’t you think that it’s time we catered to the masses and moved forward with free higher education? My answer, is no. For starters Free College will render the standard Bachelorette’s degree useless. With the increasing amount of people attending college and graduating it has already become more difficult to get a job with a 4-year degree. The average 4-year college degree is worth today what a high school diploma was worth in 1950. This isn’t a problem you solve by pushing more kids through school. More people having…

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