Essay Fraudster Notches Up 184 Convictions ' By Sam Hurley

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‘Fraudster notches up 184 convictions’, a news article written by Sam Hurley and published in the Otago Daily Times on July 1st, 2014, looks at the criminal history of Brian Hunter. Since 1974, Hunter has been convicted 184 times, primarily for cases of fraud. The article largely focuses on a conviction in February 2014 for fabricating the identities of two lawyers which he used to hire moving companies in order to avoid payments totalling $8034.70. It also details convictions in November 1998 and January 2014 for impersonation of a pilot and the making of fraudulent documentation for operating an aircraft. Jonathan Down, the judge for one such trial, ordered a psychiatric assessment of Hunter as he believed he had underlying psychological issues.
Hurley’s writing of the article is predominantly just a factual account of events and is influenced very little by his personal opinion. However, Hunter 's psychological problems are given much more weight in discussing his offending than any other factors. In addition to this, it is said he suffered from abuse and neglect as a child, both of which have contributed to his “deep seeded issues”. For these reasons, despite the author’s mostly unbiased telling of events, the article uses the psychological positivism perspective to explain what happened.
Psychological positivism explains crime through internal factors of the individual. That is to say, it states that an individual who commits crime is inherently different in their…

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