Essay about Franklin Roosevelt And The Great Depression

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Franklin Delano roosevelt was inaugurated as the President of the united states on March 4th, 1933. Smack dab in the center of the great depression, following a president who had supposedly “Dug” the country deeper into problems than they already were. The great depression is described as “One of the darkest times in America’s history”. Yet Roosevelt used it to reinvent the way this country was to be fashioned . FDR took it as his own personal responsibility to help the American people feel relieved during this stressing period. Franklin Roosevelt is significant because he helped successfully end the Great Depression, and got us through World War 2.

Relief, Reform & Recovery. These three words were historically significant because it was the plan of attack in response of the Great Depression. This was the foundation of Franklin Roosevelt 's plan to help the citizens defeat this economic struggle. Relief was defined as the “Immediate action taken to halt the deterioration of the economy”. Some examples of Relief was the Bank Holiday of 1933. The people of the United States were panicking about widespread loss of money through the closing banks of america. In result there were large amounts of people withdrawing their money. FDR closed all banks for 7 days. Towards the last day of the closing he addressed the citizens in one of his “Fireside chats”. Telling them that during this time the government has decided which banks were solvent and would be re-opened and the banks…

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