Theodore Roosevelt's Impact On America

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Theodore Roosevelt
Imagine the U.S. without any national forests. Imagine the world with the Panama Canal never being created. This is what the world would look like if Theodore Roosevelt had not been the 26th president of the United States. Theodore Roosevelt impacted the Untied States by designing over one hundred and fifty national parks, starting the creation of the Panama Canal, and being the 26th president of the United States of America.
Theodore Roosevelt contributed to over one hundred and fifty national reserves and parks across the nation. A main reason the Roosevelt was so inspired and passionate about preservation was how much he loved hunting and exploring. By the end of his life Roosevelt went on over one hundred hunting trips
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Roosevelt publicly said that he wanted to create the canal and it gave a big push to other countries to help out. With the help of the French the canal was finished in 1914 and it helped boost Americas economy greatly. With the quicker access to the east and west coast America could now trade with other countries much faster than before saving time and money which made Roosevelt look like a genius and America much wealthier. The canal also impacted the US by giving it Military position for defense. If the East coast was attacked the west coast could send battle ships that would arrive in a few days to help protect and defend America (Rosenberg). The canal also boosted Panamas economy by the traffic coming to and from all thanks to Mr. Theodore Roosevelt. The canal was one of Roosevelt’s proudest accomplishments and he gave himself credit to where it was due. Theodore Roosevelt and the canal not only impacted the United States but it also impacted the …show more content…
His first job in a political career was becoming a member of the New York State Assembly at the young age of twenty-three; serving a total of two terms. By 1897, he controlled most the United States Navy under President McKinley. Roosevelt was given control in the Spanish and American War and created a group called the Rough Riders, which were just a group of simple farmers that had a passion for their country. He was elected governor in 1898, and was one of the youngest men to hold such a high position. Roosevelt became Vice President in 1901, under the newly elected President McKinley. Roosevelt wasn’t vice president for long and in September of 1901 McKinley was assassinated making Theodore Roosevelt the new 26th president of the United States. Roosevelt was loved by not only his nation that he served but also around the world gaining international support. Roosevelt was a man of larger than life perspective and lived a very eventful and exciting life. Most of his impacts as President can still be seen all around the country

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