Theodore Roosevelt Rough Riders

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“All men who feel any power of joy in battle, know what it is like when the wolf rises in the heart” This quote, from Theodore Roosevelt, properly explains his, and the rough riders sense of joy from adventure, and the adrenaline from battle. Before Theodore Roosevelt became president, he led a group of men into battle in the Spanish American War. This battle is the reason he became so popular with the American public. Roosevelt and his rough riders saved the day at San Juan Hill, returning to america as heros. The rough riders were an important instrumental factor to shaping american history. Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt became president in September of 1901. His Presidency was unexpected after the assassination of William Mckinley, …show more content…
However, with Mckinley’s death it also gave Roosevelt the job of running the country. This made an entirely new time for America, Teddy Roosevelt was known as the first modern president as he made a lot of progressive movements. The parks and organizations he started in order to help and preserve wildlife are still standing and working today. One of the oldest national parks, Yellowstone, is still used today and visited by millions each year. One of the less impacting, but no less prominent, marks he made was the teddy bear. Something almost every kid has had was named after the president after he refused to kill a bear cub on one of his hunting trips. Its one example of how he made a point of using the media to an advantage, which he did many times to earn public opinion. He fought for meat inspection and correct labeling on food and drug products, which are still in order today, along with encouraging foreign affairs. Along with these he used peaceful means in both the foreign conflicts and strikes in america. Roosevelt is one of the few holders of the Nobel Peace Prize, because of his ability to peacefully resolve otherwise hot

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