Theodore Roosevelt: The First Modern President

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Roosevelt was named the first modern president, because of all the limitations of being president, he challenged. When Roosevelt was president he was liked by the citizens of his country. Theodore was a very accomplished and strong person during his Early Life to being president until his death. On October 28th, 1858 Theodore Roosevelt was born in Manhattan, New York. His parents being Theodore Roosevelt Sr. and Marith Roosevelt (“Theodore”). When Roosevelt was young, he had asthma (Marrin 20). Roosevelt’s family traveled to Europe when he was young, but the trip was spoiled because of Theodore getting asthma. Theodore Sr. was tired of changing plans because of Theodore Jr. being sick, so he told his son that he had to make his body. So Theodore Sr. enrolled his son in a gymnasium ran by a professional trainer. Slowly Theodore Jr. became stronger …show more content…
(Roosevelt 3). Theodore organized the Rough Riders to help the Americans in the war. After the Spanish American war Roosevelt was praised in all of the country. When William Mckinley’s vice president died Roosevelt was promoted to Vice President. In 1901 McKinley was assassinated so Roosevelt took control of the president position (Theodore para 1). During his presidency Roosevelt wanted to finish the Panama Canal that the French tried to build. During negotiations to build the Panama Canal with Columbia, the Columbians refused to accep the offer the U.S. gave. After all of the troubles the Panma Canal was finished in 1914.(Theodore para 5) Roosevelt also added forests in part of the country, to help build habitats. (Roosevelt oara 13). Roosevelt’s presidency ended in 1909 when William Taft won that election. In 1912 Roosevelt ran for president again. In the middle of his speech a saloonkeeper shot Roosevelt,but the damage was not severe enough to rush him to the hospital(Sutton 12). In the end Roosevelt ended up losing the election to Woodrow

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