How Did Theodore Roosevelt Impact Society

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Theodore Roosevelt made a great impact while in office at the White House. He also abuse his power as the President during his years. Most of his legacy included; Act, Act, Ac, Act. Now even though he won the noble peace prize in 1906 for creating a peace movement. Therefore developing countless “Acts” that help America evolved in what it is today. Whereas, he still made some unforgettable decision, such as, Brownsville and imperialism. However, his time in the White House was quite memorable, for majority acts that are constantly with standing today.


Briefly, Theodore Roosevelt was 43 when he took over the White House as President after the assassination of President McKinley. Some thought he was too young to make grown man decision, yet overall he proved to the American people that he was able and ready to take on the responsibility of the world. He accomplish so much during his short time in office while also experiencing some downfalls. Some of his accomplishments included, the Meat Inspection Act, Pure Food and Drug Act, Hepburn Act, and National Monuments Act. These new or redevelop “Acts” gave America a new
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During the spring of 1902, laborers tied to the United Mine Workers union had walked off the job in the hard coal mines of Pennsylvania. The prospect of coal shortages in the winter months loomed, and TR decided that public interest demanded vigorous executive action. Roosevelt summoned union leaders and mine operators to the White House, a significant gesture for both his presidency and for the development of his reform program, known as the “Square Deal.” The coal strike ended on October 21. Teddy signs the Hepburn Act, which gives the Interstate Commerce Commission increased power to regulate railroad rates. Roosevelt 's leadership is key for the passage of this act, as many observers claim the act would not have come out of the Senate without Teddy

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