Theodore Roosevelt, A Man Of Many Hats Essay

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Theodore Roosevelt is a man of many hats, from Big Game hunter to New York City police commissioner, from soldier to boxer, and warrior to peacemaker. He was a bold and patriotic man, that refused to allow anything to come easy, to include death. He is one of America’s single most accomplished men; it just so happened that he was also the twenty-sixth President of the United States of America.

Theodore was raised in New York City, and as a young boy suffered from asthma. He was told by doctors growing up to pursue a desk job to preserve his health. Instead his father who he admired greatly pushed him to participate in an active fitness routine that included a strenuous weight lifting routine. Roosevelt was tested routinely as a man from his early childhood up to even his first marriage. His wife and mother both died on the same day February 18th, 1884 a life-changing event for any person, his response was to remove himself from his current environment in New York to the Dakota territories where he just so happened to have captured an outlaw.

Theodore Roosevelt also served as the commanding officer of the famous Rough Riders; an all-volunteer Cavalry Regiment that served during the battle of San Jaun Hill. It is during this battle that Theodore Roosevelt, motivated his troops that were being pinned down to pick up and assault up the hill in pursuit of none other that himself. He was also credited with killing a man with his sidearm upon reaching the top of the hill. It was…

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