Franklin Roosevelt's Personality

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Mr. President had a busy and turbulent life. Franklin D. Roosevelt visited his family summer home at Campobello Island where he had contracted poliomyelitis. His mother was much younger compared to his father. The age difference between his parents would probably lend to his promiscuous lifestyle because he seem to have a fetish with many women. Franklin D. Roosevelt had an affair with Lucy Mercer which his wife, Eleanor, knew about. Being that, he promised to stop seeing her but continued to have numerous companions throughout his marriage and Presidency. Enough of the President 's dirty laundry, let 's move on to his great legacy and renown.
Early on campaigning for the role of the Nation 's leader, Roosevelt was handicapped but managed to make a personal appearance in Chicago. He was the first major-party candidate to travel by airplane to accept his nomination. The people admired his candidacy 's attitude of mind over matter due to his determination and will-power of visiting the public people. Franklin was adamant for public presence. Roosevelt had ramps built on campaign speech decks prior to his arrival. He conspicuously disguised
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His Administration championed multiple acts for the Nation. During the 1930s, the President signed for a series of four policies: Resettle Administration, Farm Security Administration, Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act, and the Agricultural Adjustment Act all in favor of America 's farmers. As mentioned earlier, Roosevelt had many companions while at the White House; one of which is Marguerite "Missy" LeHand, his personal secretary for 21 years. Including two cousins named Polly Delano and another distant cousin, Margaret "Daisy" Suckley. Unfortunately for Missy in 1941, she had a severe stroke and died, but Franklin never visited even though she was actually in the White

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