The Challenges Of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Great Leaders have many common characteristics and features that give them the rare ability to become an effective leader.. It’s these few characteristics that separate them from the average person and drive them to become influential figures in history. To become the President of the United States, the traits must be used to climb the political ladder. Franklin Delano Roosevelt faced many challenges as president; these challenges shaped him to become one of the greatest United States Presidents in history. The values that Roosevelt learned throughout his early life, helped him lead a nation through some of its darkest times making him one of the most effective leaders in history.
Considered one of Americas best presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882, in Hyde Park, New York, and he died on April 12, 1945, in Warm Springs, Georgia. Franklin Delano Roosevelt made many controversial choices during his years as president. He took office, and he remained in
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The critics were justified in their beliefs, but what they believed to be Roosevelts flaw, made him a great President. The quality that separated Roosevelt from the other 43 presidents, was his ability to work towards a solution, instead of watching america crumble.He believed that,"There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still,"(Franklin Roosevelt). In order to take action, Roosevelt attempted many unique approaches to finding a solution. In 1935, the social security act, which is still in place today, was passed. Roosevelt 's ability to pass legislation was unlike any other president. During his 12 years in office, he used more executive orders, and passed more legislation than any other president. This determination, and experimentation significantly contributed to Americas Climb out of the abyss, known as the great

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