Franklin Delano Roosevelt Research Paper

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Born January 30, 1882 in Hyde Park, New York, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the only child of James and Sara Ann Delano Roosevelt, a very wealthy couple. In his early days of education, FDR 's parents and private tutors taught him. In the eighth grade, he went to Groton School, a boarding school in Massachusetts. In 1900, Roosevelt went to Harvard and received a degree in history in only three years. He next studied law at Columbia University and passed the board exam in 1907. During his time at Columbia, FDR married his fifth cousin, Eleanor Roosevelt, who was also Theodore Roosevelt 's niece in 1905. Together they had six children, one of which did not make it past infantry.

After passing the board exam, FDR decided not to get a degree and
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He was reelected in 1912. At the same time, he was supporting Woodrow Wilson 's presidential campaign. As a reward, President Wilson gave FDR the position of Assistant Secretary of the Navy. This was the same position Theodore Roosevelt, FDR 's idol, used to climb his way up to the position of president.

Roosevelt became very popular. He became so popular from his success in naval affairs that he was nominated for the vice president of James M. Cox in the election of 1920. Cox lost to Republican Warren Harding. A year later, FDR contracted poliomyelitis, a virus that causes paralysis. He never fully recovered, and he never regained the use of his
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Aid available to Britain, France, and China. This was a difficult task due to the Neutrality Acts, which banned the shipment of war materials to countries in war and forbid U.S. citizens from traveling on ships from those countries except at their own risk. This act was signed in 1935 by Roosevelt himself. After the fall of France in 1940, Roosevelt signed a "lend-lease" bill in March of 1941 that allowed America to help the countries against the Axis Powers. This enabled factories to reopen and run just as they did before the Great

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