New Deal Dbq Outline Essay

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Analyze the responses of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration to the problems of the Great Depression. How effective were these responses? How did they change the role of the federal government?

Thesis Statement: During Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency, his administration helped and tried to solve the problems of the Great Depression. He caused the government to play a very important role in society and from their help many people responded with their opinion of what they felt about it.

Document A:
• in Document A it discusses about women during the Great Depression
• FDR and his administration helped keep women’s condition very well  women didn’t suffered as much as the other people o “…not many women in the bread line…” 
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tion or growing  developing
 revolution: a radical change in society o saying that this was supposed to be the time to develop newer ways to prevent the Great Depression from happening again  a time to develop newer ways and ideas to better the society  FDR’s actions doesn’t seem like it’s better the society, it seems like he’s doing a radical change to it  FDR kept creating new administrations and programs, and passing acts and laws  doing more than bettering the society  he’s changing it

Document D:
• the government took out money to help relief people and to create more public-works projects so that people can have jobs  the government was willing to make as much money as they can to help to help people  this also contributed more to their national debt  government needs to watch on how much they spend
• “An enormous outpouring of federal money for human relief and immense sums for public-works projects started to flow to all points of the compass…Six billion dollars was added to the national debt…”

Document E:
• the government passed the Social Security Act so that the older generation can retire and still get paid by the government and the younger generation can take their jobs
• the advertisement is used to advertise and notify people that when they retire they can still get money from the government each month  “a monthly check to you-“  this helped provide more jobs for the younger generation

Document F:
• the government is getting

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