Francia Raisa Play Quotes

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The third card I created was Sofia’s card. Sofia is Danny’s cousin and Uno’s girlfriend. I made her play first base because the person who plays on first base has to a quick and trustworthy person. They are often involved in a lot of the action of the game. Throughout the book, Sofia is quick to stand up for what she believes in, and everyone trusts her. Also, she knows everyone and she is always involved with everything. Therefore, she would be a great person to play on first base. I chose the Padres as her team since it is her home team. It is also the team her boyfriend and cousin play for. I chose Francia Raisa to be Sofia because Francia Raisa is one of the popular Mexican actresses that has played a teenager. I once saw her in a TV show, and I remembered her being an unconventional girl who always spoke her mind. This is the type of person Sofia is. Sofia …show more content…
Uncle Tommy is Danny’s uncle and Sofia’s dad. I made him play third base because the three bases are super important and need trustworthy players to be playing them. Uncle Tommy is a trustworthy character, and first and second base were already taken. Therefore, third base was the perfect fit for Uncle Tommy. He plays for the Padres because it is his home team, and his nephew and daughter both play for the Padres. I made him number eleven because he is one of my favorite characters, and all of my favorite characters have prime and odd numbers as their team numbers. I chose George Lopez to play Uncle Tommy because Uncle Tommy seemed to be the typical silly Mexican dad. Whenever I think of a silly Mexican dad, I always think of George Lopez. Therefore, George Lopez was the right actor to portray him. I pictured Uncle tommy to be around 5’10 and 225. He seems like he would be a conventional player, so I had him bat and throw with his right arm. His hometown is National City, and his favorite activities and description are both based off of his actions in the

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