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In the following passage, the character Frank McCourt experiences three different moods about and towards the same person. McCourt feels cautious, confused and afraid. The literary piece involves those three moods that are integrated into the book. The moods are all different but connected back to the character and the passage. The change of mood in this passage was through it’s language and it's detailed to reveal a dominant effect. In Angela’s Ashes, the boys warn Frank that “[P]eople like Theresa know there’s little time left and that makes them mad for love and romance and everything.”(McCourt 323). Reaching the Carmody door and having been offered to come inside he questioned: “Should I go in?”(323). The consumption is deadly and …show more content…
“[A]ll the time my head is filled with sin and iodine and fear of consumption and the shilling tip.”(323). Confusion has taken over Frank during his time with Theresa Carmody and Frank is innocent adding on to his confusion. Frankie was confused with the situation “crying for I don’t know what’s happening to me.” (323). McCourt was so confused knowing he had committed a sin because “[I]f this is a sin I don’t give a fiddler’s fart.”(324). Frankie doesn’t understand why there is blood and is confused so he said “I tell her, Wait a minute. I bring the bottle from the kitchen and splash the iodine on her injury.” (324). Theresa tells Frank “Lord, you’re very innocent.” (324). The confusion from the new experience he has had with Theresa for weeks leaves him with love “I love Theresa.” (325). He has fallen in love with someone doomed with the consumption. Frankie knew that Theresa was doomed with the consumption and that she would move on anyone she could “[P]eople like Theresa know there’s little time left and that makes them mad for love and romance and everything.”(323). Frank blames the consumption for the action of Theresa Carmody but then blames himself for sending her to …show more content…
Theresa dies and Frankie realizes “that she is now in hell because of me.” (325). McCourt noticing this changes the mood of the pages for pages after. The church plays a big role in the passage. Frank turns the church after hearing about Theresa in the hospital. The first place “[He] cycles is to the Franciscan church to pray for Theresa.” (324). Frank has the feeling of guilt as he prays to St. Francis “Tell God Theresa was not responsible for the excitement on the sofa because that’s what the consumption does to you.”(325). The feeling of doom didn’t consume Frank.It was the guilt that he had doomed someone else and that they had to suffer. “[He] feels the sin growing.” (329). The thoughts of people saying “There’s Frankie McCourt, the dirty thing that sent Theresa Carmody to hell.” (329). Frankie has committed a sin, doomed another soul and has given himself the guilt of doing so. Frankie feels the doom for Theresa and he knows she is doom because they had the excitement together,
Angela’s Ashes holds many passages that demonstrate and show different emotions and moods. Frank McCourt really put his life into perspective with the words and the passages used. The moods and emotions of caution, guilt/doom and confusion were all expressed in the passages that involved that of Theresa Carmody. Overall, the literary piece that involved these passages exempts powerful emotions and

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