Formative Assessment Using Technology During The Math Classroom

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Formative Assessment Using Technology in the Math Classroom

Monique Chatman
University of St. Thomas

Research Professor: Sonia Vasan, Ph. D.
September, 2012

Chapter 1
Today’s school system is in transition. Some of the changes are due to economic pressures and a need for graduates who can function in society as good citizens (Franklin & Peat, 2002). The demand for students to perform well on standardized tests is another reason for the shift. Technology has been used in many classrooms to administer formative and summative assessments. According to Franklin & Peat, formative assessments are assessments that happen during the teaching and learning cycle, and are used primarily to help teachers monitor student progress so instruction can be modified accordingly (Franklin & Peat, 2002). Formative assessment using technology in the math classroom can beneficial to both teachers and students as it allows for both groups to monitor student progress. Formative assessment can lead to improvement in student achievement and positive attitudes of students to learning math. Formative assessments provide students with quick and direct feedback. The need for immediate and targeted feedback will increase as the state increases its emphasis on standardized testing. The immediate and targeted feedback will allow teachers to modify instruction accordingly to clarify students’ misconceptions about content. Clarifying students’ misconceptions should lead…

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