Essay on Formal And Informal Based Education

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The purpose of education is to teach all students and give every individual an equal opportunity to thrive in life. Using knowledge and strength, everyone is able to achieve success. Learning morals that are used in everyday life such as promptness, obeying rules, cooperation and getting along with your peers as well as having responsibility are all significant aspects of schooling. Using these standards in a school setting will help the students grow into adults and become assistance to them for the future. If we did not have education, we would not be where we are today. To ways we teach education is formal and informal. Formal based education is when the students are in a classroom working with trained teachers. When the students are being taught outside of the school in after-school programs, field trips, or at home it would be known as informal education. Formal education helps teach the students new skills and create structure in their lives. We learn math, science, reading and history going to school taught by teachers who have a degree in education. In today’s society, having a higher education gives you more choices than people who have a lower education. Most full-time jobs require you to be qualified in certain skills in order to be hire. Having a formal education gives you many opportunities to thrive in the job. To survive in the world today, we have to be proficient enough to face all tasks in the future. If we do not prepare each generation well…

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