Forever 21 Case Study

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The customer base in the Time Square location would benefit a great deal from the online channels of Forever 21. People in the city do not always have the time to shop in stores and deal with long lines of people. Shopping online grants the customer more time for their busy lives. Forever 21 has just created two mobile apps that would be very beneficial for the people in New York. The first app they created was F21POP which utilizes advanced image recognition technology. This app allows the customer to access exclusive holiday campaign videos, place their phones in front of storefront windows and are able to watch images come to life. This app is favorable for people who do not have time to shop in stores. The second app, The Forever 21 app, …show more content…
In order for the company to integrate a seamless online and in store experience for the customers, Forever 21 would need to implement effective customer service support on their website and also in stores. If the customer needs assistance when shopping online, there is a number to call that will connect them directly to customer service. If the customer does not want to wait on hold, however, there is an email they can write to and will receive an answer to their problems within 3 to 5 business days. Compared to other retail stores, Forever 21 lacks in this field. There are many negative reviews on the way the company handles customer service. One way they can improve in this field, in my opinion, is to create an instant online chat with a customer service representative. Customers could ask a question on the chat and be answered immediately by one of the representatives. This causes less aggravation for the customers because they do not have to wait for an email or be placed on hold. The in store customer service could be improved as well. Sometimes in store the lines could be long due to lack of employees; By hiring more staff to assist customer can help to improve the reputation of the stores customer service. If Forever 21 could perfect their customer service, it could possibly be successful at a location like Santa Monica ( Forever21,

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