Forensic Science And Criminal Justice Essay

868 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Would you rather fight and solve crimes or examine the evidence that can lead to catching the criminal that is behind the mystery? After earning a degree in in criminal justice, one can pursue a career as an FBI agent, detective, or even a correctional officer. These jobs will mainly involve solving crimes and catching criminals whereas, a career in the field of forensic science involves examining the evidence found at crime scenes and connecting them together. College freshmen deciding between a B.S. in Criminal Justice or a B.S. in Forensic Science should choose a Criminal Justice degree because the program requirements, salary, and work environment make for a more satisfying career.
A major in Criminal Justice or Forensic Science leads to many different program requirements; however, a major in Forensic Science contains a more focused course of study. The criminal justice program allows for more elective courses and does not require students to take any science based classes (Grand Canyon University, 2016a). In order to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies, one must earn a minimum of 34 general education credits, 48 major credits, and a minimum of 32 elective credits (Grand Canyon University, 2016a). On the other hand, the forensic science courses mainly include both science lectures and labs, which will help each student prosper in their career choice after college. As opposed to the program requirements of a criminal justice degree, students of the…

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